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Right On Target

Even in the first few weeks, it was obvious that Social Handlers' targeting was indeed what the market needed. Emphasis on content and providing solid, reliable advice around social media was -and still is- hard to find, thus giving Social Handlers a unique advantage, some of the biggest clients in the Greek market (most of them international conglomerates), and a series of successes.

An attractive pricing scheme

Right from the beginning, and of course during the current economic uncertainty, Social Handlers followed a very attractive pricing scheme around its services, believing that overinvesting is one of social media's biggest pitfalls, especially in Greece. This decision was highly appreciated by the market, giving Social Handlers the status of a trusted and honest advisor.

A whole new world of Trust

Due to its specialization and management of highly confidential information and delicate matters on behalf of its customers, Social Handlers is mostly "under the radar", keeping a low profile while helping its customers to build their own. This is one of the main reasons that customers consider doing business with Social Handlers as a clear competitive advantage!

Delivering awesome results! Social Handlers delivers on its promises! And you can bet on it. Literally!

Preaching the "PfR" (Pay for Results) mantra

By following the PfR strategy (Pay for Results), Social Handlers "puts its money where its mouth is", and ensures that success is a given! Something that all customers can rely on.

According to Social Handlers' PfR strategy, the company is bound and commits itself to the jointly agreed targets and metrics. This commitment goes all the way to 50% discounts or even refusing payment for ad-hoc projects, if the targets are not met. Needless to say, this is something that never had to be activated, since Social Handlers not only meets expectation and KPIs, but typically over-delivers around 20% on key metrics.

Not just management

As a social media management company (always with an emphasis on content creation and delivery), Social Handlers offers a series of services that cover the social media domain (Facebook fan page management, Twitter account management, social ads etc.), as well as supporting services in all relevant areas such as blog and microsite creation (along with the necessary support and management), e-mail marketing design and management, Word of Mouth services, e-reputation management & brand protection etc.

A plethora of awesome services! Pick yours for answering all your social and content needs

Facebook management

Fan pages management, contests, posts, monitoring, community management.

Twitter management

Accounts management, tweets, replies, community building and management.

LinkedIn management

Brand account management, posts, group handling, community management.

YouTube management

Brand account management, profile page, comments monitoring.


Social media strategy, sales & marketing, advertising, technical matters and more!

e-mail marketing

Targeted mail marketing with list and newsletter creation and optimization.

Editorial & Content

Fully customized - highly targeted content (editorial, video, photos and podcasts).

Blogs & micro-sites

Micro-site creation, company blogs and vertical Web sites and portals.

Some of our clients Microsoft, Lenovo, Vodafone, Multirama, Creta Farms, OTE, Cisco, Public, Nokia, HP, Dell, Epson and many others have already reaped the benefits!
About us Up close and personal!

Meet our founders

Social Handlers is one of Greece's most experienced social media and content providing businesses, taking advantage of its founders' knowledge, skills and experience. Both Antony Rouseliotakis, and Nick Tiliakos have been top managers in numerous electronic and print media with a focus on technology. During their more than 20 years of engaging in technological events, along with local and global market's evolution, the founders of Social Handlers have covered every market sector (business, government, commercial, consumer), and each vertical market (hardware, software, Internet, services, etc.), focusing particularly on quality and originally generated content, through research, video, interviews, analysis, and personal testing.

Being in charge of some of the most important print media in Greek ICT market (including Chip, PC World, Computer Active,, IT Pro, Channel Partner etc.), they know probably better than anybody, not only the market itself, but also the details of its products and services. Furthermore, Mr. Rouseliotakis and Mr.Tiliakos were the first to "reinvent" themselves and their profession whenever required, by creating, for example, the first electronic and at the same time interactive technology magazine in Greece, custom newsletters, the biggest fan communities in Facebook, and of course Social Handlers back in 2008 when Social Media was just "wishful thinking" for the Greek market.

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